Greens report – October 2020

With autumn now with us and winter just around the corner we have completed the spraying of fungicide and the granular feed on the greens and next we plan to slit the greens and apply a liquid fertiliser in two weeks time, followed by another fungicide at the end of November.

During the year the aim of our work in all cases is was to aerate the greens and aprons to aid in their future drainage, to relieve compaction, improve grass root development, and generally give us healthier, fitter grass better able to fight off future diseases. The greens will now be cut twice weekly by hand mowers to help prevent compaction.

We have now completed the verti draining with 10mm tines 8” to 10” in length on of all the greens, aprons and tees together with the 7th fairway that has been struggling over the years. Verti –draining breaks into the dense structures lower down which prevents really successful drainage.

This year following the verti drain we delayed top dressing until the ground had, had chance to settle back down with less small crowning’s from the large tines, this has helped produce a much better flat putting surface and our greens staff have completed a 1st class job.

They will have added approximately 16 tonnes of fresh kiln dried dressing into the greens surfaces and we are already seeing the benefits that will continue to maintain a good surface over the coming weeks and months. Our expectations, weather permitting of course, are the capability for significantly more use of our main greens this coming winter. We have now introduced a Rye grass on all the greens after seeing great results on the 2, 4, 6 an 16th greens

You will have seen over recent days the path improvement programme continuing, with the new construction around the 3rd and 18th tee. Once again many thanks to Glyn Swiggs and his team for the fantastic job they are doing.

On that note I have been asked by many members if we are going to brick the 1st and my answer is affordability. One of our senior members put a suggestion to me that some members may wish to forgo their return of their month’s subscriptions due to them during lockdown and put it towards a new pathway on the 1st so if you are interested then please let us know by contacting the office.

The tree planting programme is once again continuing and the bank on the back of the 1st Green has been heavily planted with Hydrangeas and the area between the 2nd and 13th Medal Tee with Rhododendron and Camellia bushes. Some new heather’s will also be shortly planted throughout the course.

We will be completing the planting of trees around the course imminently so if you wish to sponsor a tree please see Ann in the office as we will be ordering them in next week.

I am pleased that the management committee agreed to the rockery between the 3rd and 18th Tee being dedicated to the much respected late President and Captain of our club Gary Harper.

Our Greens staffs have a full list of activities to be carried out over the coming winter period. Work includes tree removals and tree planting, bunker renovation and reshaping, tee and fairway renovation.

Due to the extra work on preparing the course for County and our Golf Week the green staffs is on catch up preparing the temporary greens. All Temporary greens have received a programme of verti draining, dressing and fertilising. Work in progress on the Temporary Greens: –

  • 2nd – has now been banked and levelled
  • 4th – will be banked at the back of the green
  • 6th – the lower branches of the tree on the left of the green will be removed to help play
  • 8th – the right hand side of the green will be banked
  • 9th – the green has now been banked to the rear making it fair
  • 11th – the front of the green will be levelled
  • 13th – A new green on the bank and the gorse on the corner of the bank will be trimmed back
  • 14th – A new green has been formed on the front right and will be ready in a few weeks
  • 15th – A new flatter green has been formed on the left side of the fairway
  • 16th – We will be trialling lengthening the 16th hole that is regularly played.

The green staff will be roping off areas that are looking worn throughout the course and could I kindly ask all members with buggies and trollies to not cross the white disks surrounding the greens and Buggy drivers to adhere to the Winter Buggy Plan.

On a final note welcome to the new World Handicap System and beware of the seagull that is picking up those rare drives that land on the fairway.

Let’s all hope for less rain and a healthy future.

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman