November 2020 – Lockdown Greens Report

The programme for temporary tees has all but been completed with the creation of the new much fairer 11th temporary green situated just short of the left-hand bunker.

Work is also underway on the 15th steps (Langers Leap) to replace the rotten wood leading up to the back tee box.

The path on the third/18th complex has now been completed and as I mentioned in my last report we were looking to brick pave the 1st tee entrance to the course.

However, in these testing financial times we were fortunate to have Scott Snelling sponsor the 10th and the management committee agreed to extend our budget to pave the 3rd/18th.

None of this of course would have been possible without the voluntary great work of Glyn Swiggs, Gary, Cliff and all the helpers who have done a fantastic job for us all.

Several members have already agreed to forego their £50 vouchers due to them during the lockdown to pave the 1st Tee complex and if you would like to support your club then please email or phone the office on Monday morning.

Also if there are any new members that would like to support us then please phone in with your contribution. Your urgent attention would be appreciated to allow us to begin the paving of the first hole approach whilst we are in lockdown.

Also, all the greens have been pencil tined and once Vince has repaired the broken Sisi Roller he will be replacing the pencil with the large 10mm tines for winter aeration of the tees and greens.

I must say that the greens still look in great condition and the best I have seen them at this time of the year ever since I can remember, which is a credit to Vince and his team.

The greens will now be hand mown throughout the winter to best reduce compaction.

We will also be completing the tree planting and I have ordered another 10 trees for those that have requested to sponsor them. It will be great to see some colour around the course and many thanks to Steve Omlo for his professional advice. The green staff have also been out pruning the much needed lower branches of the trees around the course.

During lockdown work has begun on the divoting of all the fairways whilst in lockdown.

Our next project that we will be working on is our bunkers. We will be limited to keeping the design close to the existing bunkers, however bunkers that need rebuilding such as the top second, that continually gets washed out during heavy rain, will be replaced with two or three smaller bunkers. The bunkers that are close to the greens and cause harm to the green fringes with sand splash out will be reshaped to stop the damage to the greens fringes and cutter blades.

This will be a major project that has for a long time let the course down and we will begin by emptying the bunkers and sieving the sand through a 2mm stainless steel mesh that will rid the bunkers of the small stones.

We will then look to bowl out the base of the bunkers where we can, so that balls roll into the middle of the bunker for a fairer shot out, as the faces and banks around some bunkers are challenging enough.

When we all return we will be able to welcome our new club secretary James a Tehidy lad, who moved to Essex to further his career and now is looking forward to returning back home with his family to beloved Cornwall.

Vince and his team are working hard on essential repairs and keeping the course in pristine condition ready for your return.

So in the meantime enjoy the Masters and above all keep safe.

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman