Greens Report August 2021

I would like to thank the team for their hard work to get the course into such great condition and also the members & visitors who have taken the time to compliment the course to myself or the team, this is very much appreciated!

The greens have been pencil tinned & regularly verti cut this month and the height is currently at 3 mm. They have been fertilised with a granular fertiliser and recently sprayed with a mixture of soil and foliar feed, this helps to encourage good soil and plant health. We have noticed a few patches of disease popping up due to the humid weather and the greens have now been sprayed with a fungicide.

The greens have also been top dressed using a demo dresser due to ours now being out of action, this has made the application quicker, far more accurate and gives a brilliant even coverage.

Now the dreaded word… leatherjackets!

We are noticing so many more small birds around the course and this can only be great for helping against our fight against leatherjackets and helping the environment.

For the first time we are applying nematodes in early September, which we hope will help reduce the number of leatherjackets. Please be patient with the team when this is being applied as the greens will need to be wet before the application and for two weeks after to ensure the maximum effect. We also combining this with the application of aclypryne later in the year and sheeting, this will mean that we are doing all we can do to help tackle them.

At end of September, we will be doing our renovations to the greens, meaning they will be hollow cored, seeded and dressed. We have got a demo dresser, powered drag mat and a core harvester, we apologise for inconvenience this vital work will cause our members.

Vince Vosper
Head Greenkeeper