Greens Report 18th April 2020

Our first tee will be ready for our return and who cares where our first ball lands – it won’t have landed in pines on the left as they are all gone.

After dreaming of playing the first shot straight up the fairway, we sometimes slice it into the field, at least we can have the pleasure of reloading and playing another shot, carefully up the fairway.

The ninth tee that was started before the outbreak is now finished, levelled and looking ready for play.

All the rainfall that we had during the winter period when many sat watching through the clubhouse window has been replaced with glorious sunshine and Vince and his team have now been patiently waiting for rain to green up the remaining small dry patches on the course.

Following the removal of the dangerous trees on the first and fifth the new trees are desperately awaiting some rainfall so that we can begin planting them in their new surroundings.

The majority of the sponsored trees will be planted at the bottom end of the course where they will be protected from any heavy winds.

If you missed ordering a tree and would like to sponsor one then please telephone Ann on 07896 682656, and if you have ordered one and have not yet paid please could you kindly phone Ann with your payment.

Unfortunately, we cannot wait any longer to plant the trees, so we will not be able to have a planting day that we had hoped to celebrate.

I am hoping to put together a plan of the course with the location of everyone’s sponsored tree that has been carefully selected by Steve Omlo.

The irrigation system is now up and running and ready for the season and due to the warm weather has already been feeding our greens.

You will all be pleased to know that the R&A are currently working on a document setting out how we should return to playing.

Finally, on this, what should be Master’s Sunday, we reflect on the current state of affairs. Some things are more important than golf.

Keep safe,

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman