St Austell Golf Estates Ltd

St Austell Golf Estates Ltd are pleased to announce that the new Lease granted to St Austell Golf Club has been signed and is in place securing the future of The Club for the next 100years .

The Lease was signed some months ago by the Trustees of the Club and is now on file in the secretaries office.

St Austell Golf Estates Ltd have also recieved notifiction that the Golf Course is at last registered with the Land Registry .This latter process has taken some time which has involved sending the Lease away and it is only now that both documents are finally in our possession. They will be available in the secretaries office for members to view until the end of January 2017.

The wishes of the shareholders as expressed at the last AGM of Golf Estates have now been fulfilled. There should therefore be no impediments to the Golf Club trying to obtain the funding needed to carry out clubhouse modifications when grant money again becomes available.

D J Huxtable

Secretary St Austell Golf Estates Ltd