Greens Report Oct 2019

With the help of Roger Lang we have put together a Winter Buggy Path. This will hopefully allow Buggy users, when the weather permits, more accessibility to the Golf Course, thus allowing for more golfers during club competition days.

During last winter there were a lot of times when buggies were not allowed on the course, but hopefully now with all buggy users keeping to the new Winter Buggy path they will be able to play more golf.

The head green keeper will inform the Professional shop of the daily situation for buggy use. It is also hoped that buggy users with the heavy petrol engines will be allowed to use the club’s electric buggies at a small rental fee during very wet periods.

You will also notice that the course has been marked out with white discs restricting buggies and trolleys to the approaches of the greens. Vince and his team have spent a lot of time in preparing the aprons and fringes of the greens over the season and we do not wish to see them damaged over the winter months.

We will be preparing the temporary greens and tees for play during the winter months. This will encourage play so as not to reduce income over the bar and catering.

The Temporary Holes have had a lot of attention when time has been available and holes 1 to 12 should be ready for play shortly so that we will under most circumstances be able to entertain a competition.

The Greens are being spiked every 2 weeks to help drainage and we will be using a new set of larger tines for the winter.

The selective weed killer for toad rush has been sprayed on the 2nd and 3rd and spotted on other greens. This will show signs of yellowing. The 2nd has now been over seeded with a drilling machine to help it recover quicker.

The leather jacket spray has been sprayed throughout many parts of the course and this has proved to be a success.

Verti draining has now been completed on all Greens, approaches and tees and thanks to the good weather all the Greens have been dressed.

The Greens cut has now been increased from 3mm to 4mm and will be increased to 5mm at the end of October.

When we have some dry weather Steve Omlo with the help of Andy Allum’s team will begin felling the end of life fur trees and the old roots on the 1st and the 6th and replacing with new trees donated by members and those identified by Steve that are useable around the course.

A working party will be set up to help keep this work disruption to a minimum. At the same time thanks to Scott Snelling the path on the 10th Tee will be brick paved.

We are reshaping the 18th Fairway in readiness for when the trees come down to hopefully make it easier to stay on.

After trialling we have purchase an ex demonstrator rough cutter as our old machine has come to its end.

We are hoping to be levelling tees and maintain bunkers during the winter months.

Please help us to keep our course in the best condition.

Glyn Rowett

Greens Chairman