Greens Report – March 2021

What an exciting thought , to be back on our beloved golf course , after many frustrating days during this most recent lockdown.

I trust you are all keeping well and taking good care of yourselves and your families in these unprecedented times and now as the restrictions are eased and we are fortunate to be allowed to recommence playing, let’s look forward to some friendly banter, keeping the ball in play on the 1st and enjoyable rounds after this long lay off.

Vince and his team have been hard at work throughout the lockdown and the course looks amazing for this time of the year and is in excellent condition.

New 12th Path

The Greens have received an application of Duragreen fertiliser and a turf hardener to help prevent disease. The ninth did have some disease in it so during lockdown the turf was replaced. The Greens are currently being cut at 6.5mm and will be reduced to 5mm when we return to golf next Monday. The grass bunkers between the fifth and sixth have had soakaways added and the area has been heavily over seeded. This has been a problem area to us, growth has been slow, but hopefully with the weather warming up, encouraging growth we hope to open this up for play in a few weeks.

A new batch of trees has been planted thanks to members support and a plan has been drawn up showing where members trees have been planted – this can be seen here on the website.

The entrance to the eighth medal tee has been re-opened again and will be ready on our return. The steps to the ninth tee have been refurbished and a rail fitted on one side to help access and the rear of the tee has now been planted out with heathers and small shrubs against the hedge.

Highline working for Western Power have carried out extensive loping of trees on the back of the ninth and also the fourth to protect the overhead electric cables. This does not help the aesthetics of the fourth green and ninth tee but it will allow more light which will help growth.

The yellow and red 13th tee has been levelled and cleaned up, but until it is ready to resume play on the red tees will be placed on the high level at the back of the tee and the men’s yellow and white markers will be placed on the lower tee.

New 9th Path

The 14th tee has also been levelled and is looking very good. For the time being the yellow tees will be placed ahead of the 13th green on the right and the white tees will be located on the bank between the 13th and 14th tee until such time as the tee is ready to play.

The ground in front of the 13th tee has had to be repaired following the capping of an old mine workings thanks to the prompt action of Andy Alum and his men.

The 15th steps are now finished and will be back in play for the medal tee. All of the green staff have done some fantastic work whilst we have been away.

The fairways and greens look great, and thanks once more to Glyn Swiggs, Cliff Burnett and Gary Johns for the work on the new paths on 9, 11 and 12 and the finishing off the temporary tee on the 10th. These are an excellent addition to the course. All this work is a great tribute to all the superb work done by our green keepers and members. Well done all!

It may be some time before our golf club returns to normal play. In the meantime please follow all the directives and guidelines given by the club and the government.

Hopefully, we will continue to move forward out of the country’s lockdown.

Enjoy your golf, enjoy the pleasure of meeting up again with your golf partners and friends. Be patient, take care and stay safe, but most important in the words of Boris ‘Be Alert’.

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman