Greens Report – July 2021

The team have been working hard on delivering the course in the best condition for you all and it is great to see so many members enjoying the course.

The greens, fringes and aprons are all now showing great improvement, but can I please remind all players not to takes trolleys or buggies past the white discs or onto the teeing area.

So far this month, the greens have been tined, had a granular fertiliser feed, an application of liquid seaweed and wetting agent. They have also verti cut two ways every two weeks and this is now paying off by showing great coverage and density of grass on almost all the greens.

The tees and fairways are showing good coverage, and the tees will be receiving a slow release (3 month) fertiliser next week.

We have noticed a lot of smaller birds around the course recently and last week I saw them on a few greens pecking out leather jackets (small birds = small beaks = less damage to greens!). I believe this is because of the more eco type grass areas we have experimented on in the last few months. On the leather jacket issue, we will be applying for more Acelepryn this year so we can spray at a more effective rate than in previous years.

We will be producing a plan for some winter improvements soon so that we can keep you up to date with the work that will be scheduled in for the winter. (Sorry, I know it is July and beautiful sunshine, but we need to think ahead!)

Thank you again to all the members for your support.

Kind Regards,

Vince Vosper
Head Greenkeeper