Greens Report July 2017

In the past month we have been busy with the water system which is 27 years old now and as a result requires quite a bit of work.

We have installed two new ritual valves on the 4/6 greens and we need to buy another for the 8th. What the valve does is stop water going into the pipe ring around the green ( hence the wetness in the top right hand corner of 8) and when the main control system allows that green to be watered the valve opens and the green is watered.

As well as repairing to main leaks one being on the 3rd fairway. We have had a very dry spell so lots of hand watering has been going on behind the scenes. Also most of the tree stumps have been removed and grass has begun to grow back in it’s place.

We have verti cut the greens on several occasions and we can now see a good reduction in straggly grass on all greens. The greens have been fertilised and had a preventative spray treatment to help against disease.

We have put up a fence on the 2nd tee to help with wear onto the tee and after golf week we will repair the damaged edge. The plan for the next few weeks will be mostly cutting and day to day maintenance.

We will be adding a liquid fertiliser to the greens a week before golf week and will continue to verti cut the greens every two weeks whilst conditions allow. We have started to rotovate the bunkers using a small attachment on the end of a strimmer and we think it is leaving good results.

The plan is to do them all before golf week and continue once a month from there on.

Thank you Vince