Greens Report – January 2020

We now have identified throughout the course, thanks to Steve Omlo and Sarah Daniel from Pengely Nursey where the new Trees are to be planted to bring some colour to the course. We are very fortunate to have Steve Omlo’s assistance as Steve has the knowledge and can understand were plants will be viable to flourish with golfers in mind.

All the plants will be sourced from Pengely Nursery and thanks to Sarah we will be able to offer members the opportunity to sponsor trees at a favourable rate. There will be a lot of work involved in the early days and would be pleased for people that have sponsored trees and put their names up for a working party to help out. The first project will be to clear the ground and help the trees and shrubs in their early years.

We are in need of a water bowser to help keep on top of watering (if the rain does stop) the new plants so if any member is aware of one then please let me know.

We will also be a programme of planting shrubs and heathers that can be sponsored by members. I am currently preparing a plan of the course with the help of Steve Omlo to show members who sponsor trees, shrubs, large or small plantations. This will show the location together with their names of the trees, shrubs or heathers that they have sponsored on a display map of the golf course that will be shown in the club and on the website.

The current weather has been against us to date and Andy Allum and his machines have been unable to clear the old tree stumps on the course. However we will be looking to begin the first planting around the course before the end of March weather permitting.

We have had a very good response from members and there is still time to enter their names and contact number on the list on the board by the front door and we will then contact them to pick your plant and position. An example of the cost will range from £25 for shrubs or heather planation’s, £50 for Trees and we will be looking for a sponsor for the trees between the 5th and 6th fairway.

It will be lovely to see some colour around the course and I thank all those members and volunteers of the club. The thinning out of the smaller trees that has sadly been neglected over the years will be overseen by Steve and has identified that several will have to be removed to allow good growth. The Greens staff have been busy aerating the greens with tining and slitting and they will be doing their best to get us on as many greens as we can over the coming months weather permitting. Hole 10a the old 17th Green has been put back into play as the 2nd temporary green needs levelling as soon as the weather improves, and can be used in the future if other holes are out of play. A net has been erected at the back of the green to protect players whilst putting. We have also put a rope to keep traffic away from players driving off the 18 th and ask members to stay outside of the rope.

Vince and his staff have been busy servicing the ground equipment during the poor weather and this will save us on maintenance costs. The crows are sadly back digging for leather jackets and we hope that the protection that we sprayed earlier on the greens will protect the green surface this year All the tees have now been top dressed and work will begin shortly on the lifting of the turf and levelling the off.

After recent events with the uncertainty of buggies being able to go onto the course when there has been a frost in the ground. This leaves black lines, is dangerous and slippery and is very harmful to the grass. To help solve this problem and allow buggies out as soon as the Green keeper thinks fit, a sign will be put up at the entrance to the first showing when there will be an inspection. We would ask the first buggies to only drive up the hedge side of the 1 st and on the path of the 2 nd whilst the course is still thawing out. There has been buggy tyre skid marks showing on the fairways and we would ask all users to adhere to the Winter buggy plan.

We have now put markers out on the temporary holes showing yardages to help members.

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman