Greens Report April 2022

The renovation of the greens was not as straightforward as anticipated but the results have shown the necessity of the task. The new seed we used has taken really well and the growth is fantastic and I am happy with the progress we are making.

After a recent demo, we have now ordered groomers for our greens mower which will allow us to remove the lateral growth that the mower currently cannot cut without reducing the heights to a level that would stress the plant. The groomers will allow us to keep the height at the best height for the plant, whilst also maintaining a consistent great speed and true surfaces.

Course Improvements

The bunker refurbishing has continued with more bunkers having some TLC this month, with one of them being the 3rd greenside bunker above. The progress on the bunkers has slowed down now due to a surge in grass growth and needing to stay in control of this throughout the course.

Our new flags, pins, and hole cups have arrived and are looking great, we went with the “Thin Pin” to help to maintain the hole shape for longer due to more golfers wanting to putt with the flag in. We also now operate with a flag system to show where the flags are located on the green:

Red – Front
Yellow – Middle
White – Back

The 1st tee was in need of some improving and Glyn Swiggs has kindly been leading the project with volunteers to remove the post and rail, and create a paving slab step going the length of the tee. This enables us to spread the wear by using the whole side of the tee, rather than the previous two gaps. The old black rubber mats have been removed and fresh turf has been put down where required. Thanks to Glyn and his team for their hard work on this!

The irrigation system has been primed, we did, however, encounter a couple of leaks on our aging system, but Vince has addressed these issues and we are now in full operation.

The main 4th Tee has been reintroduced and has made the hole a truly daunting tee shot!

Personally, I have started to move the Fairway grain to provide a tighter and more even surface, with the aim of rewarding a straight drive. A diamond cut will be achieved on all fairways on the lower part of the course to create a great visual impact and definition. This week I began the process on the 11th fairway, I have neutralised the grain with the turf brush and am now cutting the Fairway at a 1 – 7 and 11 – 5 on the clock. This will take several cuts to remove all longer plant leaf but I am excited with the predicted outcome!

I would like to welcome Bradley Varcoe to the team following Loughlin leaving in March and we wish Loughlin all the best for the future. Bradley has joined us for a few months before he returns to college in September and is doing a great job so far.

Overall the condition of the course is very pleasing. Vince, Dave, Neil, and Bradley should be very proud of all the hard work they have put in, great work team St. Austell!

Matt Lock
Senior Greenkeeper