December Greens Report

As you will have seen we have made a good start on removing the trees between the 5 th and the 6 th and the 1 st and 18 th . The strong winds took down two trees on the first this week. We will be leaving large stumps in the ground until the weather allows heavy equipment to take out the stumps and roots in readiness for planting new saplings.

As you will see from the notice board we are asking members if they would like to donate trees to the golf course. Steve Omlo and Pengelly Nursery will be identifying trees that can be used around the course to add a little colour and variety, and members can pick a suitable tree. See here…

The Greens and temps have all been tined and fertilised and for the first time for a while the tees have been tined with our new machine with thicker tines for the winter.

The greens have also been treated to help with disease prevention. With all the wet weather that we are having we will be planning another treatment in mid January when historically we have had bouts of fusarium.

We will be planting some heather in front of the ladies 16 th tee and carefully taking off the turf to build a bank at the back of the 9 th temporary green similar to the work done on the 2 nd temporary green.

The green staffs have been unable due to the weather to begin their winter programme and instead have been cleaning the workshops and maintaining some of our machines to save cost.

We are trialling a selection of sands that will be used in the bunkers when the weather allows us to begin work on them.

We are still in urgent need of railway sleepers to level up some of the tees if any members have any knowledge as to where we can get some reasonably priced.

Glyn Rowett
Greens Chairman