Competition Entry in Intelligent Golf

Following the successful launch of our new competition software platform, which has seen large numbers of you download and register on the app, the next step for many will be entering competitions.

Intelligent Golf allows the full range of competitions to be created and administered, however, the use of pairs and team formats at the booking stage leads to many of the same problems we have faced with Club Systems, plus an additional requirement that the entire pair or team be entered together.

The alternative, built into the system, is to create every competition as an individual event, then convert it to a team’s format closer to the date of play. To maintain a consistent approach to competition entry and give members maximum flexibility in entering and withdrawing from events, the decision has been made to adopt this method.

Apart from some potentially conflicting wording on the app, members should not have any difficulties. However, to facilitate the conversion to teams, ‘Sign Up’ must close at some point prior to the first cards being submitted. The ‘Close Sign-Up’ time will be set by each section to suit their individual needs but will be kept constant to avoid confusion. Once Sign Up has closed and the competition converted to its ultimate format, members will NOT be able to enter or withdraw, but MUST contact the Competition Administrator. The agreed times for sign up to close are:

  • For men’s Saturday competitions, 08:00 on the day of play,
  • For senior’s Tuesday competitions, Monday at 13:00, and
  • For ladies Thursday competitions, Wednesday at 19:00.

There are two platforms on which entries can be made, the app and the website and basic details are shown in the accompanying User Guides. Any issues arising during the booking process should be raised with the Competition Administrator via the message facility on the IG app.

Simon Harper
Competition Secretary

Competition Entry Ig