Can you help!

The club is looking for volunteers to help us make the club the very best we can. We have several different areas which you maybe able to help in.

The club needs people that can do handy-man jobs, like painting, fixing things in general (not electric) and maintenance support for the course. This would include pruning hedges / bushes, bunker edges and raking, litter picking, divot maintenance, planting trees etc.

Less strenuous jobs are also needed, if you could look after some of the wild areas to encourage wild flowers and butterflies and help with small weeding areas.

If you think you would enjoy helping out the team we would be very grateful. We hope to give areas out so that people can care for and be proud of the areas they look after.

The staffing team will be on hand to assist with any tools or equipment needed. The Woodland Trust is supporting us with trees which will need planting in Sept / Nov time.

Interested? Just add your name to the list on the notice board or email